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Prof. Dr. med. M. Samii refuses to treat patients who are victims of his medical errors. We strongly recommend you read: These website are set up to provide you with the truth about medical malpractice by Prof. M. Samii and Dr. M. Tatagiba who assisted during the surgery. These sites are created by one of his patients who has become weelchair-bound and who never received any information or remedial medical care by Prof. Samii. Prof. Samii has been notified about these websites and has so far never instituted legal proceedings.

Intraoperative Angiography:

At the INI an intraoperative angiography unit is available. This allows an unique collaboration of a neurosurgeon together with an interventional radiologist. This is an advantage in the treatment of difficult tumors or cerebrovascular malformation.

Intraoperative MR

As a special highlight the state-of-the-art intraoperative highfield MR is available for brain tumor surgery. This allows a maximum radical removal of tumors at the lowest risk for neurological deterioration from surgery.

By integration of a most sophisticated neuronavigation device , the surgeon may remove safely pathological structures in the brain, which are not visible for the human eye!
INI offers cutting-edge medical technology, our equipment is unique. Compare us!

Unique surgical planning

Individual surgery is planned carefully basing on MR images obtained from 3-Tesla MR device and supported by most sophisticated imaging software.