Prof. Dr. med. M. Samii refuses to treat patients who are victims of his medical errors. We strongly recommend you read: These website are set up to provide you with the truth about medical malpractice by Prof. M. Samii and Dr. M. Tatagiba who assisted during the surgery. These sites are created by one of his patients who has become weelchair-bound and who never received any information or remedial medical care by Prof. Samii. Prof. Samii has been notified about these websites and has so far never instituted legal proceedings.

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International Neuroscience Institute
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Please note, that the our street name has been changed: The old name "Alexis-Carrel-Str. 4" is still used by electronic route planners and GPS navigation software.

Second Opinion- Sending medical documents

We would appreciate your confidence for taking our medical advice.
You may send us your personal medical reports, X-rays, CT- and MRT findings.We will carefully check or recheck the material and will make every effort to give you the best medical advice for the treatment of your disease.
For your convenience you may send us the material by email request@ini-hannover.de

Important Notice

Prior to sending your medical documents, clearly indicate the content on the envelope by MEDICAL DOCUMENTS - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. - Otherwise, we cannot accept your documents in customs clearance procedures.

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To arrange an appointment please call our outpatient department.
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To make an appointment for admission to the INI
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In cases of urgency you may call the doctor on duty (24-hour service):+49 (0) 511 / 270 92 - 155. (Please do not use this telephone extension for administrative purposes or for non-urgent medical advice.)

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